Caroline Meng's portrayal of Zerlina had an exquisite sensitivity and a disarming naivety about it. Don Giovanni – SQEY – Anaclose – 26/01/2009 Jérémie Szpirglas

At the last minute, Ann Hallenberg was replaced by Caroline Meng.(…). She sang the role of Zerlina with a dramatic presence and an unusually strong voice. The young soprano.. had an immediate impact with a long, strong projected voice, which was effortlessly colourful, stable, almost noble in its impact Now, her potential must be developed with care, as she is one of those rare and precious singers. Didon et Enée – TCE – Altamusica – 14/11/2009 Mehdi Mahdavi

Caroline Meng played Iris in the first half. She is a young singer who saved the evening wonderfully, her voice is fresh and smooth and she gave a fine performance in the role. Didon et Enée – TCE - Resmusica – 16/11/2009 Catherine Scholler

Amongst the women, the strong performance and seductive tone of Caroline Meng, which were almost too much for the role of Zerlina, were met with universal approval. Don Giovanni – Théâtre d’Orléans – ConcertNet – 17/02/2009 Simon Corley

The peasant characters were sung by Pierrick Boisseau and Caroline Meng. Caroline played the mischievious character of Zerlina, and with her rich and fruity tone, suited the role particularly well. Don Giovanni – SQEY – Resmusica – 3/02/2009 Nicolas Pierchon

The comic characters of Cephisa and Eurimede were played with vigor and comedy by Caroline Meng and Rainer Trost, with an entirely "buffa" perspective, which was bursting with delightful spontaneity. Orpheus – Cité de la musique – Forum agora – 6/01/2009 Viet Linh Nguyen

Amongst the new recuits, Caroline Meng, who has already been noticed together with other members of the company, was a bit hit in the performance of Orpheus by Telemann at the Cite de la musique. Caroline sang Zerlina from the heart and with a rich tone, giving a very strong performance. Don Giovanni – SQEY – Altamusica – 29/01/2009 Mehdi Mahdavi

The very beautiful opera singer Caroline Meng, playing the servant Zerlina is blessed with talent and the public were not let down. Don Giovanni – SQEY – Agoravox – 29/01/2009 Luise Briefe

Caroline Meng's voice had a bright tone and she showed confidence in her performance. Don Giovanni – Opéra Royal de Versailles – Forum opéra - 9/02/2010 Elisabeth Bouillon

Ismene has a special role in the piece and Caroline Meng lends her an air of frostiness which matches that of the royal household. As opposed to the queen, where the emotions of love, anger and regret make her human, she alone makes up the circle of power. She is, so as to speak, the diabolic creature of this opera, which this singer was able to express in a remarkable way. Volkstimme Telemann entrusted some demanding passages to the secondary roles, which were all perfectly played : for this type of role, the voices of Peter Diebschlag, Caroline Meng or Clémentine Margaine were a treat! Opera magazine